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Tarakan To Have Air Force Base In 2009

Tarakan town in East Kalimantan will have an air force base in 2009 by up grading a current post, commander of the 2nd Air Force Operations Command, Rear Marshal Yushan Sayuti, said Wednesday.

“Upgrading the post into a base is based on the Air Force’ strategic planning to have a base in the northern part of East Kalimantan,” he said.

The Tarakan Air Force Base will be a Type C base, commanded by a lieutenant colonel with some 200 soldiers. Such air force base will not have its own aircraft squadrons but can receive aircraft from other air force bases.

The air force base will cover an area of 168 hectares of land consisting of 60 hectares of land owned by the Air Transportation Directorate general currently being used by both institutions. New apron and taxiway will be constructed for the new base.

Another 108 hectares are acquired by the East Kalimantan provincial adminstration from residents to be handed over to the Air Force. (****)

Source : The Jakarta Post


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